©K. A. Polzin and Sean Chiki (with help from Mary Nuckols)
appeared in Funny Times, January 2013
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nicetees 2012

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  1. Cheryl Beamer says:

    This is great school bus humor. And its a laugh on poorly understood methods of ‘positive reinforcement’ for those of us who work with school kids. I loved it and will pass it on to my workmates! ~cheryl

  2. kurt44 says:


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  4. Mike Lynch says:

    Great gag, K.A.! I laughed out loud — not just LOL — but really, actual laughing out loud.

  5. kurt44 says:

    Thanks so much, Mike. That means a lot, coming from you.

  6. Togo says:

    Ah yes, no wonder most teachers are incredibly ‘uncool’ by the time kids reach 10. Our positive reinforcement turns them effectively into the classroom dork!

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